Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today i figured out that i really hated my dark denim nudie jeans from last season but i thought hey! why not change them. I cut them, bleached them then put them in the washing machine to create the the frayed look and HEY PRESTO they tured out perfected when they dryed i sewed some left over lace i had lying around.
IDEA: Bored on the long weekend why not have a creative day. I also created the top i am wearing in the above picture from an old loose top i had that i used to wear to dance, now it is a wearable top in public ha! have fun with some old clothes over the weekend you never know what you will create!
enjoy xx

ps. sorry about the crap quality of the picture waiting for new camera to arrive!
pps. for a better fray the tighter the jeans the better they turn out. uncomfortable? yes stylish? OH YEAH

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