Thursday, September 17, 2009


Second round line up is out yeeoooww. Happy with some, others I have NO idea who they are haha. Will have to get to downloading! Artists who I want to see:
-Jamie T
-Kate Miller-Heidke
-Little Red
-Dappled Cities
-Oh Mercy
-Miami Horror
-Yacht Club DJS
-The Canyons
-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
-Temper Trap
-Midnight Juggernauts ( I advise see them saw them 2 years ago SOOOO GOOD)
-Little Birdy
-Art Vs Science
-Yves Klien Blue
-Lyrics are born

Will check download the others so I can get a feel of who is good ha. 6 days left of school forever! Get excited!

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