Saturday, February 13, 2010


I know I said I would be saving buttt.....I bought a few new things. Its kind of fair enough because I am going to Sydney so I need new clothes! Out with the old and in the with new! Which brings me to my next topic. I am starting up a 'sale' ebay store because 1-when I move I cant take everything 2-Some of it doesnt fit anymore:( and 3-I could do with the cash! It should be up and running sometime next week so let people know about it. Nothing will be extremly expensive but I am also putting up stuff that I love but could do with the cash more:( quite depressing. I am really committed to this Sydney thing!! ha. Anyway il let you know when stuff will be available so you can get bidding!
Ciao x

Topshop shoes, Vintage Jacket, Random cheap sale dresses!

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