Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hey Guys, so sorry I havent updated in a while I have been seriously busy aka MOVING TO SYDNEY!@. So I arrived on Perth airport with my boyfriend and 3 best friends soon to find out that only 1 of my suitcases is 10kg over the maximum weight..which is 30kg by the way, and the aldy hadn't even weighed my second one! So I open the biggest suitcase you would of ever seen and took out 16kg of stuff which just so happens to be all my 'winter' clothing;jumpers etc. Tears were shed, long hugs and serious lonliness came over me!

After my 4hours and 10mins on the plane Dais and Tahnee picked me up from theSydney airport and we went back to were I am staying for the mean time...and yes I bought the rain. When I got there it was so humid and cloudy and raining!! which is very different from the high 40s and sunny I have had in lovely Perth. But the next day it was FREEZING! and i have no warm clothes:(

Well anyway I havent really got any photos of anything yet because I really havent had anytime as I have been settling in but I can tell you that I had my first day at Whitehouse today which was great made a few friends which is great! and have signed up to the gym...yes I am starting to work out! Well anyway we have an excursion tomorrow were I will take some photos and upload them. But this photo is just of my favourite thigns at the moment and most importantly the essentails!! Enjoy xx

-Evil twin bra, Topshop wedges,Vintage shoulderpadded blazer, Wayne cooper necklace, brothers watch, my 18th birthday watch, Juicy Couture perfume, and the photos I took as background

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