Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photo shoot 1

Here are some of my shots from my first photoshoot! It was just in one of our studios at Whitehouse. The breif was to get two mens business shirts and make them into something else and develop your own concept for Nylon magazine. I chose a vampire/burlesque inspired theme. Haven't finished photoshopping all of them so here are just a few! Also big thanks to Tatum for getting 30mins notice that she was doing this more me!
For: Whitehouse Institute of Design
Model: Tatum
Photographer: Millena Dekic
Hair & Make-up: Daisy Howe
Stylist: Me
Title: Before Dawn


  1. The styling is impacable, love your blog!


  2. that were totally gorgeous! you're such a great stylist! :)

  3. Nice! :)The idea works well. You might like what I did recently with an old mens shirt, check it out on my blog if you're interested.
    - Matea